Scott Hodukavich - Age 48 - First finisher of the 154 Mile Foothills Ultra Run


Finishing Time (Including Rest) - 70:26


Split Information:

Oconee State Park to Table Rock State Park = 31:52
Transition Rest & Re-Supply Time = 6:48
Table Rock State Park to Oconee State Park = 31:46
Total time = 70:26


Congratulations to Scott being the first to ever finish a "Double FHT" well under the 72 hour cutoff!






Scott's Experience From The Run:


Mileage is a rough estimate.
I'm sure any runner with decent legs or at least a stronger stomach can smash these times.
I found it hard to run when nauseous.   Also below is a link to my Garmin data. 


Oconee S.P. 14:17 Thurs notes - much later start than originally planned

Cheohee Rd 15:44 Thurs (7 miles)


Burrells Ford 18:56 Thurs in 19:26 Thurs out (17 miles)


Fish Hatchery 20:34 Thurs (21 miles)


Sloan Bridge 21:40 Thurs (25 miles)


Whitewater Falls 23:17 Thurs in 00:19 Friday out (29 miles)


Laurel Valley 15:23 Friday in 16:24 Friday out (63 miles) notes - lost one hour, throwing up in LV, maybe heat exhaustion too


Sassafras Mt 18:30 Friday (68 miles) notes - Sully starting pacing half way up & half way down; waited out hail storm


Table Rock S.P. 22:09 Friday in 04:57 Sat out (77 miles) notes - 6 hrs 48 mins "transition time" before heading out again


Sassafrass Mt 08:23 Sat (86 miles)


Laurel Valley 09:53 Sat in 10:23 Sat out (91 miles)


Whitewater Falls 00:10 Sun in 01:18 Sun out (125 miles) notes - upset stomach again - Laurel Valley makes me sick apparently


Sloan Bridge 02:58 Sun (129 miles)


Fish Hatchery 04:40 Sun (133 miles)


Burrells Ford 06:46 Sun in notes - caught 30 min nap from Fishery under rock waiting out rain storm 07:10 Sun out (137 miles)


Cheohee Rd 10:42 Sun (147 miles)


Oconee S.P. 12:43 Sun (154 miles) notes - was met and given a ride back to my tent by Heyward Douglass

Oconee to TR = 31 hrs 52 mins

Transition Time = 6 hrs 48 mins

TR to Oconee = 31 hrs 46 mins total time = 70 hrs 26 mins

I carried (but did not wear most of the time) my Garmin 305 connected to a Gomadic battery pack.  I kept it in my Camelbak.   Epic Joe told me about this.  It is possible to wear it, but it need to be connected to the cradle which I find uncomfortable to wear.   It's also a short cord, so you need to strap the batter pack on your arm too if you want to wear it (using wrist bands or something like that.   Here's what it looks like:
Looks like it lost some milage maybe towards the end, but it stayed on the whole time I think.   Here's the Garmin data.   The elevation chart seems to leave off the first half since it starts around mile 77.
- Shaggy